Activities Quebec city

Touring and shopping in the historic Old Quebec City will pleasantly fill your daytime. Later, get ready for Quebec City's crazy night life. Walk down the " Grande Allée " to the" Grand Theatre ", enjoy a show, the whole town is packed with Gourmet restaurants and welcoming bars.

For a soothing and romantic night in the very urban center of Quebec for a charming walk down the picturesque " rue Saint Jean " or the Latin inspired " rue Cartier ", no other Hotel is better situated than " Le Manoir de la Tour " of Quebec City.

  • Chateau Frontenac

    Real symbolic icon of the city of Quebec, the Chateau Frontenac is unavoidable for all those who visit the city for the first time. Admire the magnificent architecture of this...

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  • Old Quebec

    The Old Quebec represents a jewel of the region of Quebec, it is the only walled city in all the north America. You can admire his old fortifications of hundreds of years, his architecture as we...

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  • Petit Champlain

    The Petit Champlain is a destination that cant not be missed during your stay in Quebec city. This small rustic district holds all the types of businesses and restaurants you wish to visit. Art...

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  • The Grande-Allee

    The perfect place for the nightlife in Quebec city, the Grande-Allee offers you a lot of different restaurants and bars for all the tastes. The Grande-Allee is also very active...

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  • Chute Montmorency

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